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A game made by Anagh's World for Jame Gam, Trijam #151, Christmas Jam & Gift Jam 2021

Ranked 3rd in Trijam and 4th in Christmas Jam

Please Note: If you feel the game lags in the browser, then please download Windows playable version available at the end of the page. Linux & Mac users please use Wine to run the .exe file.

For better experience, play in FULLSCREEN and with HEADSETS.


Beware of the 3 ghosts, they have captured Santa and have hidden him in an underground lair. Rescue him and save the Christmas. But be careful, the ghosts have possessed Santa's reindeers. You need to escape them and collect all Santa's "Magical Hats", that will help you capture the 3 ghosts.


  • Jame Gam - Save Christmas (Special Object - Santa's Hat)
  • Trijam #151 - 3 ghosts (past, present, future)
  • Christmas Jam - Gifts (The game provides 3 gifts to the player based on which the game difficulty is set. Also this game was gifted to my nephew on Christmas)
  • Gift Jam 2021 - Gift the game (This game was gifted to my nephew on Christmas and he enjoyed it a lot.)


"Ghosts of Christmas" is a rogue-like game where the main goal of the game is to rescue Santa from the 3 ghosts. The movement of the player is non-grid based and it is done purposely to introduce some difficulty in the gameplay. You need to manually align yourself to the grid and then move quickly, to dodge the dangers (fire/possessed reindeers/etc).

Game Mode

There are 3 levels of difficulty - Easy, Medium & Hard. Based on the difficulty selected, the player's lives and the lair darkness varies.


  • WASD or Arrow Keys to move
  • LMB/Enter/Space to use any item
  • R to restart
  • Virtual Controls are available for mobile/tab


  • Concept, Design & Programming
    • Anagh's World - using Godot 3.2.3
  • Graphics
    • Santa, Gifts, Trees, Wall, Floor - jhanson9012 & ZomBCool @
    • Player - Pipoya @
    • Ghost - PiXeRaT @
    • Controls - nick @
    • Others - Anagh's World
  • Music
    • CodeManu @ (background music)
    • Yudena @ (ghost sound)
    • Twin Musicom @ (We Wish You a Merry Christmas)
    • Anagh's World (other sounds)


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this is pretty impressive for a jam game. Thanks for choosing our jam to be one where you submitted it!

Thanks for playing :)